Ray Scarpelli Talks about Ray Chevrolet

Ray Scarpelli talks about the history of Ray Chevrolet, his proudest moments, the family aspect of the dealership, and some core values of customer service and community support that have helped make Ray Chevrolet a successful dealership, as well as General Motors’ 2013 Dealer of the Year.

Meet Ray Scarpelli Jr. He’s here to tell you about Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake.

The history of Ray Chevrolet: We started in 1991. We started as an old, kind of run down Chevrolet dealership, myself and my family—my father and my brother—started this store on March 1st 1991. We adopted some best practices that we had learned from our other store, and brought them here.

We started out with a little operation with a 2 car showroom, and about 20 employees. It’s a family-run thing, I’m here every day, and if I’m not, my brother or my father is, but this is my charge. I’m here, and have been for the past 23 years.

This is what Ray has to say about customer satisfaction!

Customer satisfaction really is the essence of what we do in terms of customer retention. Customer satisfaction is a number, but customer retention is the ultimate goal, which means our customers want to come back time in and time out.  We focus on giving the guest a great experience while they’re here–whether it is for an oil change, or buying a car or buying a part—it doesn’t matter. It’s the people that you are greeted by, and handled by, who make sure your needs are taken care of. At the end of the day, the guest has to walk away feeling that they had a great experience, it was worth their time, and they got a good value. We ultimately want people to refer us, and come back again. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and really reach out to the customer to deliver a great experience, and that’s what we focus on.

What types of employees to do you look to hire?

The type of employees that we’re looking to attract, and keep and hire when we do have spots available at our dealership, are people that care about the guest that’s walking in the door. People who have a genuine affinity for others, that like to be involved with other people, like to communicate with others and try to solve their needs when they come in.

You know, everybody asks us, how do you sell cars? Well– we fill people’s needs.

Tell us about your new customer and technology clinics.

We do have new owner and technology clinics, and where we invite people back to the dealership whether they’ve bought a new, or pre-owned car, or are a service customer. We’ll invite them back for service clinics on how to get the most out of their investment. We have each department head give a little information to the guests that do come to our clinics on how they can get the most out of their vehicle.

We hope to see you soon at Ray Chevrolet!

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